Scientists, on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 has announced that a novice paleontologist’s lucky find before a decade is nothing but the fossil of a new horned dinosaur.

The amateur fossil collector, Bill Shipp unearthed the bones near Winifred, Montana. Experts believe that the fossils are of an unknown species of dinosaur that lived more than 76 million years ago. Bill Shipp is a retired nuclear physicist, and he is very much interested in paleontology as well. He made this discovery on 2005.

The newly found horned dinosaur species has been named Judith, while its scientific name is Spiclypeus shipporum.

According to Jordan Mallon from Canadian Museum of Nature, the newly found species is closely related to Triceratops. Both these species have horned faces, and their head frills are quite elaborate.

Experts believe that Spiclypeus shipporum weighs more than 4 tons and it is 15 feet long. The dinosaur is a herbivore and is expected to have less violent instincts.

Bill Shipp told that he is quite amazed to know that the fossil he found was that of a new species of dinosaur. Shipp made it clear that he was looking for dinosaur fossil on that day but was not confident enough in finding any.

Bill in his search, found a piece of bone penetrating out of the ground, and finally, it has turned out to be a startling discovery.

Examinations conducted on this fossil indicates that the dinosaur was died when it was 10 years old. Judith might have faced a severe leg infection left the animal hobbled. It might have made it a prey for predator dinosaurs like T-Rex.

If everything goes well, a public exhibit of Shipp’s newly found fossil will be made on May 24 at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottowa.