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All Apple iPhone 14 models to feature 120 Hz LTPO OLED panels

The Apple iPhone 12 is doing a great run of the market and the next-gen iPhone 13 is due out this fall. While that is still some months away, that is not stopping the rumor mongers to start their narrative with the iPhone 14 that is due to be launched in 2022. Now, according to what is known at the moment, all the iPhone 14 models will be sporting an LTPO OLED panel having a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

With the iPhone 13, Apple will be forced to offer the high-end LTPO displays only on the Pro models while the base iPhone 13 models will be continuing with the standard 60 Hz displays. The reason for the disparity is that Samsung, which happens to be the sole supplier of the LTPO panels at the moment, is already operating at full capacity.

As things stand at the moment, the South Korean conglomerate will only be able to provide enough of the LTPO panels to equip only the high-end iPhone 13 models, leaving the base models to continue with the 60 Hz displays. However, things are going to improve in 2022 as LG will also be getting into the act.

According to information available at the moment, LG is currently engaged in discussions to procure specialized machines used to make LTPO displays from Avaco. However, it is awaiting Apple’s approval on this before it eventually establishes the production line. Avaco will be supplying the machines only after LG gets the nod from Apple on this.

This will also end Samsung’s monopoly on this segment while Apple too will be able to diversify its display supply chain even further. And once LG starts producing LTPO displays, there is going to be enough of those to equip even the base iPhone 14 models as well.

Stay tuned for more news and developments like this on forthcoming iPhone models.