Home News Alien proof? NASA Mars rover finds Spoon on red planet (Watch video)

Alien proof? NASA Mars rover finds Spoon on red planet (Watch video)

Alien buffs have another field day after Mars Curiosity Rover made a stunning discovery of a spoon on Mars. Now it could be a wild imagination of a UFO buff, but it could be just the opposite. In the past also, pictures taken by Curiosity Rover has been the subject of much debate with alien propagandists alleging that NASA is deliberately maintaining an ambiguous silence on the issue and neither confirming nor denying the existence of aliens.

It could turn out to be a hoax or the ultimate proof of the existence of intelligent alien life on the Red planet. Alien buffs have found utensils for the first time on Mars and said that it is one more proof of the existence of intelligent life or past existence of life on the desolate and dry planet.

The Mars Curiosity Rover has been scouring the desolate landscape of the planet trying to sniff out any trace of water or organic molecules which will point to the presence of life on the planet. The images taken by the Rover is open for the common public and often discoveries like the one mentioned above take place. UFO buffs say that this is the second spoon to be found on the planet and this one is the exact duplicate of the earlier discovery.

UFO buffs have claimed to have spotted a lot many objects which have been spotted in pictures released by NASA. They have claimed that they have seen a face carved on a rock, alien gloves and even a spacecraft which have crashed on the planet in the past.

However, most of the cases have been termed flights of imagination by the scientific community. They have linked it to a psychological state where the mind sees familiar objects in pictures whereas in reality nothing exists. Such a condition is termed Pareidolia. However, UFO buffs are unfazed by the skepticism of the scientific community.


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