Alien life could be thriving on Jupiter’s moon Europa, says scientists

The arrival of the New Year brings hope for UFO buffs about answers of alien life in the universe. In spite of the pitfalls of the move to seek out alien life, scientists are doggedly continuing with the quest and many predict that 2017 will go down in history as the year in which alien life has been discovered. Scientists are predicting that alien life could be thriving under the icy layer on Europa.

Life thrives in the most extreme conditions. Bacteria and unicellular life thrive even in the geothermal vents where the temperatures can soar to hundreds of temperature. Bacteria have been detected in the extremely rarefied atmosphere even at a height of 100 kilometers. This has enthused scientists to look for life at the most unlikely places. Europa is a moon of Jupiter and scientists predict that there is liquid water under its icy surface which could harbor primitive life.

Humans have always looked for alien life and it has fascinated sci-fi fiction and even films. As the Curiosity Rover is scouring the barren surface of Mars, it becomes even clearer that there is little possibility of intelligent life there. However, other locations are also being searched for alien life. The possibility of life on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are very high. It is for this reason that NASA has decided to crash one of the spacecraft orbiting the giant outer planets deliberately into Saturn to prevent any contamination of the Moons which could be harboring life. Scientists also hope that with the Cassini mission coming to a close this year it could throw up some incredible discovery of alien life in one of the cosmic bodies.

Radio signals have in the past been thought to be some kind of alien communications from far off galaxies. However, most of these have been later found to be false calls and they were the byproducts of some cosmic activity during the formation of new stars or old neutron stars.


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