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Alaska Airlines To Offer Views Of Total Solar Eclipse 2017 In The Clouds

The Great American Eclipse expected on August 21 is a spectacular event that millions of Americans will have the privilege to experience in several ways. As a result, there are numerous approaches to witness the solar eclipse, either: one can walk to the nearest prime scene or camp up, or use cruise ships to the open skies in the ocean and much more. Now Alaska Airlines have suggested another technique that would allow viewers to witness the event from 35,000 feet above aboard a charter flight.

According to Sangita Woerner, the marketing vice president of Alaska, the unique spot will provide an exceptional experience for the planetary experts and enthusiasts. Flying on top of the Pacific Ocean will provide them with the first and best views as the position is great in overcoming the clouds blocking the views.

The charter flight will take off from Portland, Oregon hub and head out above the Pacific Coast early in the morning. The event is the first of its kind to come about in U.S. coast-to-coast across the country after a period of 99 years. Alaska Airlines intends to offer an impressive view of the solar eclipse in the sky regardless of the weather conditions.

The flight tickets will not be available for everyone who wants to witness the great event but rather, the seats are only available to a specific group of astronomers and other invited guests. However, the airline will be offering two more seats as part of their marketing and promotion starting from July 21 through the company’s social media platforms.

The aircraft has the capacity of 181 passengers but the airline will limit the number to a minimum of about 100 people on board so as to offer an optimal viewing experience. During the oncoming solar eclipse, the moon will be passing between the Earth and the Sun, thus blocking the solar path that would result in shadowing the Earth.

If weather conditions will be favorable, millions of people will have an opportunity to view the occurrence that will be felt across the 14 U.S. states starting from Oregon all the way up to South Carolina.