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Airtel offers 4G services with data packs as low as Rs 25 across the country

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Bharti Airtel, the giant telecom provider in India, at a news event announced on Thursday that they have successfully launched the new generation of communications services (4G) across 296 towns in India.

At the launch event, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airtel, Gopal Vittal stated they have come up with the new 4G communication service that offers a vast range of features for the consumers. After a lot of research and development regarding the beta version, they have successfully finalized the launch of the product with regards to the positive feedback reported in the process.

Vittal is pleased to inform about the national roll-out that marks a small step towards an innovative and a focused customer journey. This all began way back in 2012 when Airtel launched its first 4G beta variants in Kolkata and across 51 different cities. The products would soon be available just within a few weeks too.

The 4G communication service offers a lot of features including surfing the Internet using a high-speed wireless broadband and an individual can eventually experience a fast download rate with low or no buffering for High Definition videos to stream online.

Movies, songs and pictures can also be downloaded at a higher rate than those having just a 3G connection.

Airtel is again offering these 4G services at a minimum cost and same as the 3G data prices with as low as Rs. 25.

With a sim swapping for a 4G one, it offers unlimited music download and streaming from Wynk Music and a download capacity for five free movies each month for a period of six months on Eros Now channel comprising the Wynk Movies.

Airtel is said to be the only Indian telecom carrier using Wynk Movies that claim to be the one that offers the top mobile applications for all the carriers around the globe.

The simple way to get hold of a 4G SIM is to convert the old airtel sim to a 4G one. It also suggests the new plan of Rs. 999 where an individual can do unlimited voice calling with benefits of downloading from Wynk Music and Wynk Movies.

Moreover, Reliance is also coming up with its new venture of 4G Jio and are expected to launch in December. Vittal stated that with all the competition around it is necessary to maintain a tough balance over the promotions and marketing strategies.