Airtel announces new International Roaming charges around the world

In keeping with the theme of bringing the world nearer Airtel has now announced new International roaming charges around the world. This move by Airtel has come at the right time with a number of new competitors rising in the market, along with that the already existing competitors are bringing in new innovative ways of keeping themselves ahead in the market.

With this new offer Airtel promises to every consumer that one can browse, share and call freely from any nook and corner of the world. Airtel International roaming smart packs offer tons of data and loads of call at incredible prices on the Indian Sim.

In addition to this it also gives an option that if a consumer does not use any voice, data or SMS service while abroad the pack rental won’t be charged. Some of the offering by the Airtel are Unlimited Free Incoming calls, Free Data up to 3GB and Free calls to India.

For USA and United Kingdom, the incoming from anywhere is unlimited free and gives a data of 3GB. Along with this its gives a 399 free minutes call back to India. The entire package comes for a rental of Rs 4999.

For United Kingdom for a rental of Rs 2499 it offers 1GB free data and 299 free minutes call back to India. In Singapore for the same rental price Airtel offers 3 GB free data and 299 free minutes call back to India.

In recent time Airtel has been in the news for launching ‘Platinum 3G’ in Assam. The north eastern market is a very hot property for Airtel as it enjoys 45 percent market share in North East and 35 percent in Assam.