Home News Aircel permits customers to outline their own bill plan

Aircel permits customers to outline their own bill plan

Aircel recently unveiled its ‘Design your own plan’ service to its customers. By using this service, Aircel’s both pre-paid as well as post-paid customers will be able to create a voice, to message and data plans as per their needs. Customers will need to log on to Aircel’s website and choose between services – calling, texting, or mobile internet facility as per their needs, with the help of a Plan Designer tool.

After customers enter their choices, significant arrangements are imparted to them that they can then pick and affirm. Aircel says ‘Plan your own particular arrangement’ clients likewise have the flexibility to re-outline the arrangement or include additional packs as per their need.

Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel, said, “Customers understand their communication needs and we would like to empower them with the freedom of choosing a plan on their choice. It is with this view; we are introducing an Industry First initiative – ‘Design Your Own Plan’ which helps customers to now design, tweak and choose their very own Prepaid Plan.”

He further added – “Now there is a plan for everyone, whether it’s a customer who loves to talk, or is a high SMS user, social networking addict or even a traveller there’s a plan that can be customized to suit the need. It will not only enable them with flexibility, but also the freedom and convenience to manage their plans.”

In case you are a new Aircel customer, then you will need to go to any of the Aircel’s customer care centers to fill out an enrollment form. The individuals who as of now subscribe to the system can select an arrangement utilizing the previously stated Plan Designer tool or recharge with Value Packs, all on the web.