After Android, WhatsApp for Windows Phone will support Voice Calling Feature soon

Just over a week after WhatsApp uncovered its plan of introducing its voice calling feature on  iOS, WhatsApp has affirmed that certain plans are in progress to enable the voice calling to Windows Phone as well. In an answer to an inquiry by a Windows Phone user, WhatsApp support team revealed company’s ongoing efforts to release the voice calling feature on Windows Phone platform that is currently under development.

The WhatsApp voice calling feature has been affirmed to be being developed for the Windows Phone, and will be rolled out very soon. WhatsApp support team in an email sent to a Windows Phone user uncovered the news and said, “WhatsApp Calling for your platform [Windows Phone] is still in the works.”

Notwithstanding this, the mail has not determined the precise time when WhatsApp voice calling for Windows Phones is going to be released. The mail went ahead to say, “Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any future release timelines but we appreciate your interest in WhatsApp Calling.”

At present, WhatsApp voice-calling is accessible just for Android users. At a late F8 Developer Conference, Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp had asserted that the voice calling feature will start taking off to iOS users in a couple of weeks. Now it remains to be seen which one of the two will be getting the feature enabled initially.

No word so far from WhatsApp whether it will turn its consideration regarding BlackBerry too, the platform that is swapping third-place with Windows Phone in various markets around the globe.


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