Adata HD700 1TB HDD Review: Robust external hard drive below Rs. 5000

Unable to recover data in case of accidental drops is a rather unsettling scenario. Adata’s new HD700 1TB external HDD is here to offer a solution to this problem. It’s an entry level weather and military-grade shockproof hard drive, targeting the clumsy ones and users who are always on the go. It’s designed to withstand shocks, intense vibrations, and extreme weather conditions, as well exposure to dust and water, essentially aimed at a lifestyle that needs hassle-free storage to capture experiences as they happen, while at the same time being robust enough to survive in hostile environments. Currently available for around Rs. 4,500, let’s take a look at its build quality, features and how viable it is for daily usage.

Build Quality and Protection

The Adata HD700 doesn’t look that robust like it could survive an apocalypse. Though it conforms to the MIL-STD810G 516.6 requirements – a military specification only for devices who’ve survived a wide range of shock-based tests. The core drive gets wrapped under three layers, which includes an inner cushioned mounting, a shock-proof plastic enclosure, along with a removable rubber jacket. That said, it’s not something that you can drop from a building and expect it function normally. But it can easily withstand accidental drops from a high table top, or shocks while you’re travelling or hiking.

The only port available on the internal drive is where can attach the bundled USB 3.0 cable, which is apparently one of its minor design flaws, as it gets loose when connecting the drive to your PC. While over the course of usage, it could get even worse. As even the slightest nudge or a bump can loosen the connection, eventually causing improper ejection and corrupting your data.

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While to keep water and dust at bay, the rubber jacket has a flap to seal the USB3.0 opening. In fact, the AData HD700 gets dust and water resistant certification with an IP56 rating. Having said that, I had a few concerns about the flap, as it doesn’t exactly sit flush with the opening, and there are chances of water seeping through the tiny gaps.

The Adata HD700 also gets a G-Shock sensor protection that automatically triggers a red light alerting the user if the device is undergoing severe stress. While it turns blue when shocks and vibrations have passed indicating the device is functioning normally.

At 220g, it’s also lightweight and easy to carry around while you’re on the move. Though it lacks in style compared to other offerings from Adata. That said, it still looks nice and elegant with its textured black finish.

The file transfer speed is pretty impressive. I was able to transfer around 30GB of data in just under 6 minutes.

Features, Usability, and Performance

Besides its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and shocks, the Adata HD700 also gets 256-bit AES data encryption to keep your data secure from hackers and prying eyes. It’s simple and easy to use as well. Just plug in the hard drive via the bundled USB 3.0 cable with your PC, and you’re ready to go. Even the file transfer speed is relatively good. I was able to transfer around 30GB of data in just under 6 minutes, which is pretty impressive. Also, the Adata HD700 boots up really fast, and your PC quickly detects the hard drive once you hook it up.


  • Robust build quality
  • Military-grade protection from shocks
  • IP56 certified dust and water protection
  • Fast data transfer
  • Sturdy bundled USB 3.0 cable


  • USB 3.0 cable gets loose when connected
  • Rubber enclosure’s flap doesn’t sit flush


If you’re looking for a reliable storage backup that you can easily carry along on your arduous journey, then you should definitely check out the Adata HD700 1TB HDD. The protection is pretty outstanding and shouldn’t be a worry for anyone looking for a robust hard drive that can survive in hostile conditions. Besides, its ruggedized design is ideal for clumsy people like me who happen to drop their hard drives quite often accidentally.

Also, it’s easy to carry while you’re out and about. To top it up, users can also download additional software for the hard drive via the official Adata website that adds to its overall utility. You can buy one for around Rs. 4,500, which is a pretty decent bargain for the kind of performance, features, and protection you get. All in all, the Adata HD700 1TB HDD is your one stop solution to dust, water, shocks and reliable data backup.