Acer has announced its newest hybrid tablet called Acer One. The 2-in-1 hybrid device is now available for Rs. 19,999 exclusively on Amazon India.

The new hybrid device, which becomes a tablet when the keyboard is detached and a laptop when the keyboard is attached, will feature a 10-inch HD display with touch functionality. Under the hood it packs an Intel Atom Z3735F 1.3-GHz quad-core processor. The device will come with both 1GB and 2GB RAM variants.

There is something new in Acer One, and that’s in the storage area. When the keyboard is detached, it becomes a tablet device with 32GB of on-board storage. But Acer has put an additional 500GB hard disk drive onto the keyboard. So when they are connected, it not only becomes a laptop computer, but also keeps some of the laptop’s features.

Acer One runs on Windows 8.1 operating system with some neat features. One notable of them is called Microsoft InstantGo that can instantly start up the computer from sleep, refresh data in real-time and become an efficient power saver when you’re away from a wall charging port. Design wise, the 2-in-1 device has a magnetic Acer Snap Hinge design that allows the user to easily transition the device between different modes. Through various types of tilting, the device can become a notebook, a pad, a display, and a tent. The device also has two USB 2.0 ports and one HDMI port.

Microsoft India’s Vineet Durani said during the launch of the device that the new device brings efficiency and productivity of a PC and the ease and mobility of a tablet. ” It is a great companion device for the youth and we are excited to be a part of the launch today,” he said.

Acer One is already available for purchase exclusively from Amazon India.