Acer India’s first flagship store address: Bengaluru, company aims high growth

Acer recently opened its first flagship store in the city of Bengaluru. The store will house all of Acer’s products, both new and old so that consumers can have a look and feel of products belonging to various ‘price’ and ‘spec’ classes.

According to Mr. Chandrahas Panigrahi– Senior Director of Consumer Business at Acer India, “the news stores are part of Acer’s growth strategy and will aim at providing an immersive buying experience to consumers across all of their products.”

Each representative at the store undergoes technical training, so they can promptly and accurately respond to customer queries, alongside helping them make informed buying-decisions in-line with their requirements, Panigrahi added.

While the store will boost product sales for the company, it also meant to bring in a new-era of customer service and troubleshooting, which boasts of better turn-around times and higher consumer-satisfaction.

“Acer has not only invested in technical training for in-store personnel but has also stocked spares for various products allowing quick resolutions,” says Mr. Sudheer Goel – Chief Customer Support Officer at Acer India.

It means that if you should take your Acer product to the physical store, any part that needs replacing can be done over-the-counter now, assuming the spare is available at the store.

With the view to deliver improved customer buying experience- the store will house Acer’s phones, laptops, tablets, convertibles and displays & projectors.

The store projects Acer’s branding in rich colours and font, speaks of their customer-centricity and employs the science of customer-buying behavior for its physical layout and in-store navigation.


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