Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TVAVI00686 result scaled Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TVAVI00686 result scaled

Acer H Series Premium 43″ 4K Android Smart TV Review

The smartphone market has undergone a sea change, and now other consumer gadgets are also experiencing it. Smart TVs are a prime example; gone are the days when they were beyond the means of the typical customer. Things have changed, and we are now observing an increase in the number of TV players entering the affordable market, and Acer is the newest example.

Acer Smart TVs are now available on the market! Thanks to a licensing agreement between the company recognized for its top-tier personal computing devices and independent TV manufacturers. Indkal Technologies has partnered with Acer to bring Acer branded TVs in the Indian market. Their most recent H Series Premium Android 4K Smart TV has arrived on the market. Although the series also includes larger 50″ and 55″ versions with comparable specifications, we have is 43″ model with us for review. So should you consider Acer Smart TV as your potential purchase? Let’s find out in our full review.

Key Specifications

  • 43-inches, 16:9 ratio
  • 4K HDR 10+, 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • In-built speakers (60W)
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 (2 way)
  • Android 11

Box Contents

A complete list of items you get inside the box: 

  • Acer H Series 43″ 4K Android Smart TV
  • Base stands
  • Screws
  • User instruction manual
  • Remote


Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TVAVI00687 result scaled

Since current TVs, all have the same basic design and there is little room for manufacturers to experiment, most TVs have the same appearance. The Acer H series TV is no exception and has a lot of similarities with its rivals. You get pretty thin, glossy bezels all around, with a matte bottom bezel that has a metallic appearance. Plastic is used throughout the whole structure, as would be anticipated for a device with this price tag. The two legs and a remote are included in the package.

Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TVAVI00694 result scaledWith the power button below, the Acer logo is positioned in the middle of the bottom bezel. It is preferable for Acer to have all of the necessary ports, such as HDMI and USB inputs, on the side rather than only some of them and the rest in the rear. Along with the regular Android TV controls, the TV comes with a somewhat compact remote that has a D-Pad, volume controls, and buttons specifically designated for the quick launching of OTT services. When compared to other budgets of 4K TVs in this price range, we believe the build to be generally rather strong.Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TVAVI00689 result scaled

Connectivity & Software

Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TVAVI00690 result scaledYou have access to all the major ports in terms of connection, although some are missing. There are three HDMI connectors, one of which supports eARC. Additionally, there are two USB ports, an RCA input, and a TV antenna input included. For some wireless connectivity, you also get Dual Band WiFi, and Bluetooth, along with an ethernet port. Support for a 3.5mm line out is also available, which will be useful for connecting older audio systems to the TV. All of the HDMI and USB inputs are positioned on the side for ease of access, demonstrating how carefully these ports’ placement was considered.

In terms of software, Android 11 for TV is the operating system powering the Acer H series smart TV. Although it is not precisely the same build as certain streaming sticks or newer TV models, the software has a Google TV feel to it. The OS experience is stock, which we found to be pretty pleasant, and the 2G RAM ensured that the OS ran well. You can use Google Assistant and a variety of other Google services and applications, including the Play Store because it’s an Android TV.Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TV ReviewIMG 2345 result

Performance & Audio

Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TV ReviewIMG 2344 resultWhen it comes to performance, the center of attraction of this TV is its 4K panel. Now that Acer has chosen to use a variety of DLED & VA panels, it is difficult to predict which one you will receive. The TV has 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM, which is competitively equivalent. A Mali GPU is in charge of the visuals, while the Quad-core processor is in charge of the computation.

Acer H Series Premium 4322 4K Android Smart TVAVI00688 result scaledThe H series TVs from Acer deliver various display-centric capabilities to your living room, including Dolby Vision, HDR10+, MEMC, and many more. The TV does a good job of upscaling content, but for a better viewing experience, we strongly advise switching to an HD DTH connection. To test out the display properly, we conducted many tests using a variety of inputs, including the PS5, FireTV 4K Stick, and video sources from external storage, and the picture quality was actually quite good.

The panel’s maximum brightness of 550 nits is somewhat higher than the threshold required to experience true HDR. The PS5 and FireTV 4K worked well to play 4K material, and we had a great time binge-watching Netflix in HDR. The panel’s typical 60Hz refresh rate makes it a poor choice for gaming, but MEMC will be beneficial even though the TV lacks VRR, which is becoming more and more common on TVs in this price range.  That being said, the panel has deeper blacks which are always a plus and gets fairly bright.

The TV includes a 60W surround sound system with Dolby Atmos to enhance the listening experience. Although the speakers are readily loud enough to fill a large space, distortion begins to appear at higher volumes. Though hardcore users might choose a two-channel Soundbar or a complete 5.1Ch Home theatre, for the majority of users, the output via the TV speakers alone will be ideal.