A Worthwhile Choice for GMAT and MBA Aspirants – Experts’ Global

Experts’ Global was founded in 2008, and in the intervening years, this firm has grown an international reputation for excellence and comprehensiveness, with students from over 50 nations, coming to them for guidance. Experts’ Global is a name that all GMAT and MBA aspirants should be aware of.

About the Company

Mr. Mayank Srivastava founded Experts’ Global aiming to utilize cutting-edge technology in the service of education. The fact that he has succeeded in this synthesis, can perhaps best be attested to by the thousands of GMAT and MBA aspirants, who have chosen to take it up. Of course, such a firm basis would be nothing without dedicated people behind it, and Experts’ Global’s staff is highly skilled and committed to the company’s vision.

MBA Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global follows what they call a “boutique system”, for its MBA admissions consulting, meaning the firm only takes up a limited number of applicants, each year, in order to provide each one with the firm’s unique “end-to-end admissions consultancy”, essentially providing them complete guidance on each part of the process. Experts’ Global’s track record is self-evident, its applicants having gained admission to every one of the world’s top one-hundred and fifty business schools.

GMAT Training

Experts’ Global offers an online, on-demand GMAT preparation program that covers the GMAT syllabus, through 300 concise yet detailed concept videos and provides students with a whole host of incredibly useful practice material, more than 4000 practice questions carefully designed to match the exact difficulty level, conceptual coverage, and even style of presentation, of the real GMAT questions. The same idea has also been applied to the testing interface, as well; it has the same full-screen layout, similar graphics, and controls, as the official interface and even a timer that turns red if you take longer than average on any given question.

GMAT Mocks

One of Experts’ Global’s crowning achievements is its GMAT mock tests, a series of 15 full-length mock tests that are exceptionally GMAT-like in terms of questions, scoring, and even presentation. Notably, over 500 of Experts’ Global’s students have reported that their scores on the Experts’ Global mock tests have been virtually identical to their scores on the official mock tests, a rare occurrence, as the GMAT scoring algorithm is not public knowledge.

Live Classrooms

Experts’ Global also conducts a small number of live GMAT-training classrooms too. The classes are taught by Mr. Srivastava, who has been praised as a dedicated and talented teacher by his students. Most notably, his students have described Mr. Srivastava as having an excellent understanding of the GMAT, especially when it comes to quant. The classroom and online programs share the same practice and study material, so those who take up the classes will also receive access to the full online program.

Admission Interview Training

Interview training is a critical aspect of MBA admissions consulting, and the aspirants understand this. To help their students in this critical phase of their prep, Experts’ Global has developed an exceptional interview training process. The process begins with 15-video series explaining the elements that go into a good interview performance, such as answering certain important questions, managing body language, etc. This is followed by a questionnaire consisting of common MBA interview questions. The student’s responses to these questions are used by the interview mentor to understand his or her weak areas, in order to adjust the intensive mock interview series to cover them.

ISB Admission Consulting

About half of all Indian GMAT takers apply to ISB. Understanding the popularity of ISB amongst their students, Experts’ Global’s admissions teams have taken it upon themselves to develop a perfect understanding of ISB’s admission process. These efforts have produced fantastic results; 90% of the ISB aspirants who come to Experts’ Global receive an interview call from ISB, with 40% securing admission.