The iGaming or online gambling industry is one that has grown immensely over a very short span of time. Gambling has always been a very lucrative pastime that is cherished amongst the whole world, however, it hasn’t always been as convenient, or as popular as it is today.

Before the internet, casinos were only visited in person, even though the land-based casino experience is unmissable, there are many disadvantages to it compared to what you can get from a virtual or online casino. For starters, online casinos can be a lot cheaper than those built by brick and mortar.  Online casinos are also safer, and give you a better chance at winning something, but how exactly do they work?

How online casinos work

The technology used to run an iGaming company is a bit more advanced than your average everyday-use computer. Online casinos use massive networks for live casinos to be streamed in real-time globally while using high-tech software that generates fair games, most of the time fairer than real-life casinos!

RNG’s – Fairness

Online casinos like Cherry casino ensure fairness in their games thanks to specialised software called RNG’s, which is in short for Random Number Generators. This type of software guarantees that all the games on licensed casinos are completely random, lowering what in gambling terms is called ‘the house edge,’ or even in some cases, eliminating it completely. This is a massive advantage for the player and makes online casinos a much better choice over land-based casinos, which are much less strictly regulated in the house edge department.

Security and payment methods

An industry that is basically constantly flowing millions if not billions of dollars every day, surely has to have high security. At the early stages of online casinos, security was one of the largest concerns people who wanted to play had. Not only are you sending away your money to offshore betting agencies, but you’re also giving away private and sensitive information. Thanks to a lot of investment, artificial intelligence was created, which encrypts in such a way that makes it the most secure software in the world. Another advantage that comes from such software, is it allows players to keep themselves in the dark, playing anonymously under any alias they want. They can even use alternative payment methods other than their own bank accounts, like Paypal, or even use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which take payment security and anonymity to the next level.

Mobile gaming Optimization

Another large factor in online casinos is mobile gaming. Not only can you gamble on a computer, but now on your smartphone and tablet too? That’s right. Casinos use special software to optimize their games and user interface experience to be perfect to use from your phone. Some of them have a specialized app, others let you play through your phone’s browser.