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A guide to understanding and solving MP4 corruption issues

Name a video format more common than MP4; I dare you. MP4 is the simplest and most popular video format. Most people think MP4 is another name for “video”. It’s actually a format of video files. There are many other formats as well. MP4 video files are compatible with almost every player and every device.

You can rely on this format that will work on computers, mobile phones, and LCDs. While this format is popular, it is also more likely to break if anything goes wrong. This article focuses on understanding the corruption of MP4 video files, how they corrupt, and the proper way to fix the MP4 file.

What Does File Corruption Mean?

Before we get to learn how to repair the MP4 file, we should first understand what exactly corruption means here. It’s something everyone who uses video files should know. It will help you not only avoid such issues but also repair them with ease.

Every file in your computer is basically a piece of code. Computers only understand their own languages. So every file is written in high language that is then converted into machine language. That code in machine language generates small bits of current signals in a unique pattern. These bits go through buses inside the computer from one part to another, usually from hard drive to RAM and then CPU. CPU, or sometimes GPU, read those signals to show output on the screen to the user.

What would happen to the output if those signals were incorrect?

Of course, either the file won’t play or freeze at a place while playing. This is what we call corruption and you will have to learn how to fix corrupted video files.

Now let’s understand how the code corrupts, how you can avoid it, and easily perform an MP4 fix.

How Does MP4 Get Corrupted?

If you study computer architecture, you would realize how fragile each computer file process is. There are millions of current signals transmitting through very narrow files in a device that runs on electricity. One minor flinch can sabotage the entire model. That’s why most videos are corrupted during a process. Here I have shared all the ways your MP4 file can get damaged.

Affected by a Malware

Not the most common, but one of the reasons behind the corruption of MP4 files is attacks of a  computer virus. A malware can, depending on its nature, can create infinite copies of your data, encrypt, delete, or corrupt it. This is why everyone should have a reliable and renowned antivirus installed on his computer.

Cheap Conversion

You may have converted your MP4 video file to change its format, add some effects, or reduce its size. Every professional does it regularly, and many non-professionals try to edit their videos themselves because they better understand the sentiments in it. The problem is with the use of the wrong software. If you are using a free or trial version program, it is suggested to first make a backup of the files. Such programs usually damage the converted file.

Interrupted During a Process

Data is transferred bit by bit when downloading, copying, or moving. Even if the process continues, you can’t be sure it went smoothly. Just a little interruption in the process is more than enough to change or damage some code of the file. With that little change, your MP4 file won’t play until repaired. Make sure you have a stable internet connection when downloading the file. Keep the devices properly attached and don’t move them when copying the files.

Bad Hard Drive

Even if the downloading, copying, or conversion went fine, storing a file in the wrong place can also damage it. If your hard disk is even slightly corrupt, it can destroy your file and you will have to do the digital repair. The data is divided into small chunks and stored in different sectors of the drive to save space. If even one of the sectors with some of the chunks of your MP4 file is damaged, it will affect the entire video.

How to Repair MP4 Files?

You are going need the digital video repair program of Wondershare to fix corrupted MP4. There are many other tools available in the market, but most of them are expensive, complex, or don’t do their job right. This tool is user-friendly for technical and non-technical users alike, and it’s available for both Windows and Mac devices.

You only have to add it in the program to repair corrupt MP4, choose settings if you understand them, and click on the “convert” button. The program will do the rest, and you will get a fixed file. Most other tools take way too much time to process. But Wondershare has designed its program to be fast and effective.

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