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A Go-To Solution For Businesses To Increase Value With The Power of AI & Machine Learning 

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) market on a global scale is augmenting at an exponential rate. It is evaluated to reach 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. A wide range of applications is included in the AI market and machine learning, which are an imperative and integral part.

The prowess of AI is prevalent in all businesses and with the proper application of machine learning, AI can actively solve problems efficiently. In saying that, maximum businesses today utilize a data-based model to finalize decisions with an aim to increase productivity and revenue. However, a handful of businesses have invested in AI for decision-making and task fulfillment. This has allowed businesses to alter their focus on daily operations and focus on exceptional strategic management and expandability.

Mutt Data, a tech organization, steps in to assist startups and big companies in creating, building, and implementing Machine Learning solutions to deliver real and effective business results. Not limited to any sector, the solutions offered are to beat the competition with the utilization of current technology, and outstanding practices.

Based on incredible engineering background, Mutt Data is designed to bridge the gap in the market and allow businesses to solve challenging problems and scenarios and augment business value. In the contemporary market, maximum businesses lack innovative technology and high-quality product as data scientists with zero experience in engineering and architectural skills are hired nonchalantly. Hence, the Mutt Data platform is a preferred solution for businesses to incorporate future-proof data systems to gauge their systems integrated with heavy data technologies.

Currently, the United States is on its way to transforming into an AI superpower, as per Statista. With elite and renowned AI researchers working at U.S. institutions, such as Microsoft and IBM, the U.S. has been ranked as the top country to introduce AI in the public sector. The country has scored 85.48/100 in the category of AI governance and AI vision. In reference to the article published on April 13, 2022, in Statista, a survey from various industries suggested that numerous organizations have completely integrated AI technologies into their daily business processes in 2021. It was to note that only 7% of the organizations did not utilize AI practices in the same year.

In today’s contemporary and competitive market Mutt Data has worked successfully with organizations such as ClassDojo, Sirum, MercadoLibre, Uala, Etermax, Ank, Claro, Naranja, and many more. Carving a niche for itself, Mutt Data’s extensive experience delivers AI-driven and business automation solutions to the businesses. By curating and implementing data stacks and delivering customized Automated Marketing Mix Modelling systems and Real-Time Bidding systems for Ad Tech Platforms, Mutt Data delivers excellence on each platform.

Inventing Mixed Marketing Models & Modern Data Stack

The extensive market experience and analogies incorporated in Mutt Data fathom the technical requirements of the business and the market with the Automated Marketing Mix Model. Learning from past campaign performance, and estimating future adaptation, Mutt Data’s system evaluates to provide a pragmatic budget to ensure maximum return on investment. Focussed on solving market problems for all industries and organizations, it is the ultimate solution to organizations’ problems where spending minimal or too much can lead to hassles. Thus, it is important to allocate the market budget and Mutt Data manages this with excellence.

Mutt Data, AI, and Machine Learning are the future of the business. The co-founders of Mutt Data said, “Mutt Data started off as a group of Nerds who liked solving complex problems using real Artificial Intelligence to automate processes. Today we have grown leaps and bounds but the same motivation remains.” 

The Modern Data Stacks incorporated enables cost-effectiveness, advanced analytics, individual usability, and self-service capacity. A combination of technologies is utilized in building the analytical system of the organization, and Data Stack works with an outstanding team of engineers, Cloud Architects, and DevOps experts with vast experience. Aimed at cost-effective and scalable data stacks developed to meet specific business requirements, Mutt Data’s high-tech technology has assisted in implementing Deep Learning models. These Deep Learning models solve problems related to Computer Vision problems.

Mutt Data includes 3+ years of work experience in developing and applying A/B testing and 5+ years of utilizing Apache airflow. This AI-driven organization has incorporated Machine Learning solutions in half a dozen industries. These include Gaming, Pharma, Education, Fintech, AdTech, E-commerce, Telecommunications, and many more. An Amazon Select Consulting Partners, Mutt Data is acquiring the market in leaps and bounds.

Mutt Data acquires the clients with its architectures, current processes, and capabilities. The project is commenced, developed, and implemented wherein the clients are updated about each segment and step. This allows quick response from the clients and suggests solutions accordingly. Startups and large organizations create, build and implement Machine Learning solutions with Mutt Data for real business solutions. Irrespective of the genre of the organization, the solutions assists in leaving behind the competition with the use of current technologies, practices, and techniques.

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