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A Beginner’s Guide to Esports Betting

Do you have plenty of experience betting on your favorite sports? You may have been doing this for years, and it’s something that may be pocketing you some nice cash. The sports betting industry has been growing steadily for decades, and for a good reason. The major sports continue to draw large crowds and national TV ratings keep climbing up. But did you know that there’s a new sport that’s also filling stadiums across the globe?

Welcome to the world of eSports, where video gaming professionals battle it out to see who comes out on top. Many people still raise their eyebrows when they hear eSports labeled as a real sport, but it’s the trust. eSport is a sport, even if doesn’t involve the physicality present in traditional sports.

If you don’t play any video games, you may not be aware of the competitive gaming scene. Virtually all the most played video games hold their respective tournaments. These tournaments are very similar to traditional sports in which multiple teams compete against each other until only one remains standing. Even if video gaming doesn’t have much in common with conventional sports, what you should focus on is the fact that you can now try eSports betting and possibly generate more income.

But before getting into the specifics of eSports betting, let’s take a quick look at the rise of competitive video gaming.

How It All Started

Many people don’t know that video gaming has been around since the 1950s, back when computers were so big they looked like cabinets. The first games were created to demonstrate the power and potential of computers. Although these games were basic and unattractive compared to the games today, they successfully paved the path toward the eventual rise of the gaming industry.

In the 1970s, the video gaming industry started to take off. During this period, the first coin-operated arcade machines were introduced to the public. They were a massive hit. The games may have been simple, but people surely loved them.

Pong was a particularly interesting game. It resembled the game of table tennis. But it’s not the gameplay that made it such an influential game, but the fact that it enabled two players to compete against each other. This two-player game made both game developers and everyday folks realize that video gaming is all about having fun and battling against other players. This became evident when Pong was released for the first ever home video console. It was one of the most played games at the time.

Not long after the increase in popularity of two-player games, leaderboards were introduced. This feature made even single player games more exciting. Getting farther into a particular game or earning higher points became a goal for many players. They wanted to see their names on the leaders’ list, which continues to be seen today. Getting into the leaderboards was and still is a real accolade.

Competitive video gaming, meanwhile, first took place in 1972. Stewart Brand, a feature writer for Rolling Stone, organized an event that pitted multiple players against each other to see who’s the best at the game of Spacewar. Interestingly, Brand described the players in the same way a writer would describe a player from a conventional sport. He paid attention to the skill of the players, noting how they were able to do things in the game that an ordinary player wasn’t capable of.

The Rise of eSports Betting

It seems as if eSports betting only came into the scene the last couple of years. But in fact, it started many years ago. The difference is that betting on eSports back in the day was primarily done informally. Many people within the gaming community wanted to bet on their favorite teams, but there wasn’t really any platform through which to process the trades. But this didn’t stop the most eager of bettors. The absence of bookmakers meant they had to make wagers with other people.

Of course, this practice comes with a lot of risks. You can’t tell for sure whether other people would pay up. Thankfully, the betting industry realized how huge eSports is. In 2010, Pinnacle, a popular betting site, started offering betting markets for eSports. Other betting websites soon followed.

How to Bet on eSports

Now, let’s get to the fun part. It’s time to learn the different types of eSports betting. The first is called social betting. This is the one described above, a process in which you’d make wagers with other bettors. This is no longer recommended these days because most betting sites now have eSports betting markets. Of course, you can bet with friends. But even if there’s little money at stake, it’s possible for feeling to get hurt which could ruin your friendship.

The second is challenge betting. Now, this is the one for you if you’re skilled at a particular game. This involves challenging another player and if you win, you earn some nice money. You can arrange the stakes informally or use a challenge website to make sure that the losing party pays up.

The third is fixed odds eSports betting. This functions the same way as traditional sports betting. The only difference is that you’re betting on the outcome of eSports events instead of the outcome of a conventional sport. You’ll need some knowledge about the teams and players so you can formulate an informed decision. This gets tricky if you have no clue about video gaming, so be sure to read up before placing your wagers.

The fourth is item or skin betting. This is similar to fixed odds eSports betting, but instead of betting real money, you’re betting in-game items or skins. This is very popular in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in which skins can cost as much as several thousand dollars.

The last is fantasy eSports. If you’ve played fantasy sports in basketball, football, or other major sports, then you should know how this works. Basically, you form your own team and you earn points based on the performance of the players. This requires quite a bit of research and planning, but the returns can be very rewarding.

Now that you know the history of eSports betting and the many ways in which you can bet on eSports events, the only thing left to do is to try it out yourself. As a beginner, it’s recommended to stick to one type of eSports betting. And remember that expanding your eSports knowledge is crucial to making the right calls, so start doing your research now and be part of the growing eSports betting industry.

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