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Scientists Confirm Presence of Supermassive Black Holes

Scientists at the University of New Mexico (UNM) have for the first time confirmed the incredible discovery of two supermassive black holes orbiting each...

Scientist find two supermassive Black Holes hidden near Milky Way galaxy

Black Holes are elusive cosmic bodies which hide behind gas and dust and are invisible to most telescopes. However, supermassive black holes lurking behind...
NASA Black hole

NASA launching X-ray polarization mission to study black holes more closely

NASA is launching an ambitious mission to study the origin and the nature of black holes. The mission titled Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer envisages sending...

‘Black Holes’ Played Most Crucial Role for Igniting Light Conditions on Earth

Black Holes, which reside in the core of galaxies, are one of the most enigmatic subjects for astronomers and scientists globally. Earlier, scientists believed...
nasa discovery

Latest NASA discovery shows Black Holes swallowing Stars in the form of spaghetti

Astronomers have captured tidal disruption flares from a Supermassive Black Hole gulping the stars. This is the fourth potential light echo based on WISE data...

New research reaffirms Hawking’s predictions on black holes

Classical physics contend that the gravity of a black hole is so strong that nothing, not even a ray of light can escape a...
Black Holes

New theory suggests Matter may pass right through Black Holes

A new research paper has surfaced speculating a possibility that matter may survive a fall into the deep center of a black hole. The...
Black Hole

NASA celebrates Black Hole Friday by uploading new images of Black Holes

When people were swooning over deals and offers that were up for grabs on Black Friday, NASA shared dramatic images of Black Holes; NASA...

Scientists discover giant black hole pair photobombs nearby Andromeda Galaxy

Scientists have recently discovered the closest pair of the supermassive black hole, and the black holes are orbiting each other. The scientists discovered the...

Scientist discovered the most compact binary super-massive black hole

In an interesting discovery, astronomers have successfully found out the most compact double or binary supermassive black hole present in the galaxy which is...
Black hole

Gigantic Black hole detected at the center of Milky Way Galaxy

A monstrous black hole has been discovered by the scientists approximately at the center of the Milky Way which is said to be hiding...