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6 Things you should do to win at Rummy Online

Learning rummy is easy but winning a game of rummy is easy said than done. Though simple with its rules, the complexity of the game lies in forming those valid sets and sequences. It is not a game that you could gain expertise quickly. You need to practice regularly, play with different players and also learn new tips and tricks to master this game of skill.

When rummy is mentioned it is quickly associated with the skill factor required in the game. There are several tips and tricks which come in handy while you are learning the game. But there are few other things, not directly related to the technicalities of the game that certainly bear a huge influence on your chances of winning the game.

Take a look at 5 such things that you should be doing to win at rummy game.


Always work to get the pure sequence first

The best chance of having an edge in rummy game is to work on getting the pure sequence first and as soon as possible too. A pure sequence is formed without using any joker. Rummy is all about forming sequences and sets of which one has to be a pure sequence. Play more of free rummy games and improve you skill in forming pure sequences.

High value cards could weigh you down

Cards with higher points such as Jack, Kind or Queen would be useful only if you are forming a valid set with them.  The best strategy of your rummy game would be to get rid of them if you are unable to meld a set with them.  However, if you are at the verge of making a valid set, then retain the card.

Use Jokers wisely

After you have got the pure sequence, it is now the turn to use the joker or the wild card to get the other sequences and sets quickly. When you use jokers wisely your chances of winning the game becomes better.


Watch your opponent’s game

Now, if you are a smart player, then you would certainly watch which cards your opponent is picking or discarding and figure out the possible sequences or sets that your opponent may be aiming at. This will help you to meld your cards and come up with your own rummy game winning strategy.

Sometimes quitting is a smart move

If you are unable to meld the cards dealt to you, fret not. Try to arrange and re-arrange the cards. Despite all the efforts, if you are still unable to make sequences and sets, then quit the game. In such a scenario, quitting is considered to the smart move.

Always play rummy in a good mood

Consider rummy as a game to uplift your mood and not as a means to give vent your mood. Play the game to relax your mind and not agitate it. Playing rummy game in a bad mood could increase your chances of losing the game.

Set off on a winning spree

Rummy game gives you endless reasons to have great fun by throwing up challenges at you. Never stop learning the game; improve with each game and grow your skills

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