Qubo Car Air Purifier Qubo Car Air Purifier

6 products to kickstart your health and wellness journey in 2023

The New Year is a time to leave old things behind and start afresh. A new journey awaits all of us with the flip of a calendar. This New Year brings new challenges, new forms of happiness and new ways to live life. You and your loved ones deserve to start this chapter with a bang! Health and Wellness is the mantra for 2023 and we have curated a special list of products that will help you put a jump start on your 2023 resolutions!

Qubo Car Air Purifier

With the aim to combat the rising air pollution as northern India reels under a blanket of smog, Hero Electronix’s consumer technology brand, Qubo has launched a Car Air Purifier. This product effectively reduces air pollution inside the car ensuring clean air when you’re on the go. Its 3-layer filtration can remove PM 2.5-10, allergens, airborne bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, chemicals emitted from plastics, exhaust fumes, and other toxic pollutants from your car while reducing odors and in turn effectively improving the air quality. The device comes with an automotive air quality monitoring system with a built-in TVOC sensor that can detect air quality and automatically adjust the fan speed.

Price: INR 2,790

Noise Colorfit Caliber 2

Noise ColorFit Caliber 2 sports a 1.83” TFT display and IP68 water resistance. Inbuilt with Noise Health Suite, the device keeps track of all vitals including heart rate, activity level, sleep patterns, stress levels, and female health markers. This is a watch that is more than just a simple time keeping device, it’s a companion that cares. It is an asset to building and maintaining healthy habits with reminders for washing hands, drinking water, alarms, along with idle alerts. Whatever task you have, Caliber 2 has you covered. Users can control their android phone from a distance, at the touch of a button, as it allows to mute and reject calls, control music remotely, and find your phone option.

Price: INR 1,799

Boheco Box of Wellbeing

Whether you are a hemp connoisseur who wants to share the joy of wellbeing with your loved ones, or you just want to pamper yourself with a special Himalayan Hemp Nutrition & Hemp Wellness treat, BOHECO’s Box of Wellbeing has been carefully curated to suit everyone’s needs. Indulge in wellbeing at every step of the day with BOHECO’s seven unique products – ARMOR, EASE, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Seed Oil, BLOOM, PRISTINE and FOREVER – that are made from 100% natural, cruelty-free and sustainable ingredients, keeping your health and wellness at the heart of it all for a wholesome, holistic and versatile experience.

Priced: INR 4499/-

Lavazza BODUM Black French Press:
With Christmas jingling at our doorbells, what better way to celebrate the festive spirits than by gifting your loved ones the perfect ally to whip up a delicious cup of coffee? Double up the joy of gifting by brewing their moments of relaxation with some aromatic and delicious coffee. With a quick brewing time, Lavazza BODUM Black French Press and its simple and trendy design offers the dual satisfaction of practicality and style.
Priced: 1760/-

Bubbles Orthopedic Slippers by Yoho Life: 

Amidst all the holiday rush, we often forget to slow down and prioritize a healthy lifestyle. So, why not give your loved ones a helpful but “Healthful” gift. Let them enjoy every step to mark a new beginning of this new year with Yoho Slippers – a perfect combination of science and comfort. The slippers help one float, dodge and soar high while running the busiest festive errands and beat the long standing hours. With its Aerodynamic design, Foot Pharma Footbed and Arch Support technologies, you get the ideal lightness and cushioning. Celebrate the season of jingle bells with Yoho slippers that won’t let them notice ANYTHING except how light they are. Grab the Yoho’s Bubbles to truly make tis’ the season of merry with comfort as good as an orthopedic mattress.

Priced: INR 499/-

Beco’s Starter Bundle for Home: 

Nowadays, it has become a necessity to make sustainable and eco-friendly choices in our everyday lives. If you’re looking to give thoughtful and green gifts to your loved ones – a little something to suit their sustainable sensibilities, Beco’s Starter Bundle for Home is the ultimate Christmas joy with its multipurpose offerings. As you get your home all spruced up for some fun and frolic, the reusable kitchen towel, compostable garbage bags, bamboo tissue rolls, bamboo serving napkins –  all bundled in one, will make  your surroundings 100% clean, kids and pet- safe, and eco-friendly. There’s more-  these unique offerings are bleach and paraben free, and have 0% plastic.

Priced: INR 850/-