5 Reasons to Go Solar Today 5 Reasons to Go Solar Today

5 Reasons to Go Solar Today

Americans are finally waking up to the benefits of solar energy. After years of being fed questionable information about solar technology, people are coming to realize that solar energy really has changed.

For the better.

There are now advanced methods for solar energy installation and generation. Beyond just plugging in a solar panel and water heater, you can now get advanced grid solutions for your home.

So what are the reasons to go solar? What’s changed since the last time you considered alternative energy generation?

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of solar energy today.

1. Financial and Tax Benefits of Going Solar

One of the biggest motivating factors for switching to solar energy is to save money. This is a primary benefit that should not be overlooked.

By installing a solar panel system on a home, a homeowner can drastically reduce their electric bill, usually around 70-100%. Over time these savings can add up in a big way. Potentially hundreds or even thousands of saved dollars in a year. In some cases, homeowners may even be able to produce a surplus of energy to sell back to the grid.

The increasing use of solar power has led to many tax benefits for those who make the switch. One of the most obvious is the federal tax credit for the installation of solar energy systems. This credit can be worth up to 30% of the cost of a fully installed solar energy system.

On top of that, some states offer solar energy rebates on top of any credits or deductions you can take with your federal taxes. By going solar with tax benefits available, homeowners can enjoy both energy cost savings and financial incentives.

2. Environmental Benefits of Going Solar

Going solar is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint, conserve energy, and help protect the environment. Solar energy reduces the need for energy from fossil fuels. This puts fewer emissions in the air and reduces acid rain, pollution, and global warming.

Solar energy produces no emissions, no waste, and no noise. This makes it the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly energy source available. Going solar also reduces reliance on costly, non-renewable resources like natural gas and oil.

Additionally, solar energy is an efficient way to access reliable and renewable energy without contributing to environmental degradation. As more people switch to solar, the benefits of this clean, renewable energy source become even greater.

3. Flexible Financing Options and Increase in Property Values

Going solar is an increasingly popular way to increase property values. Solar energy not only helps conserve resources and reduce environmental impact but also helps increase property values.

Homes with solar panels can be attractive to home buyers, and in many cases, they command a premium price on the market. Renewable energy systems can raise the value of a home by at least 3-4%, and sometimes as much as 20%.

Solar panels add value to a home by creating a reliable source of energy and saving on electricity bills. This makes solar energy one of the most profitable home improvement investments.

Additionally, the installation of solar panels typically qualifies homeowners for various state and federal incentives, further increasing the desirability of a home.

The process of going solar is made more affordable with several options. Most solar companies offer flexible payment options such as loans, leases, and power purchase agreements.

A loan allows you to own the system outright and receive the tax incentives offered by local and federal governments. The lease option is a great way to go solar with a much smaller upfront cost and make your payments over the life of the contract. A power purchase agreement allows you to pay only for the energy your system produces and have the solar panel system maintained and serviced for you.

With so many solar financing options, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your individual needs.

4. Equipment Options and Limited Maintenance

In today’s ever-evolving world, many people are turning to renewable energy sources. Solar power is an excellent option because it is both inexpensive and renewable.

Solar equipment options come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving homeowners the freedom to choose the most cost-efficient way to produce electricity. Solar panels have been known to have a life span of around 25-30 years. Solar collectors, solar batteries, and solar inverters typically only last around 5-10 years.

Going solar can easily be a great way to reduce your overall maintenance cost, as the systems themselves require little to no maintenance. Solar PV systems are designed with very few moving parts and require no fuel, making them incredibly reliable, efficient, and cost-effective to operate.

Solar panels don’t need regular maintenance or battery replacements, as the majority of PV systems are connected to the grid. Additionally, any required maintenance can typically be handled with a free assessment from your solar provider.

Should something need to be replaced or serviced, your provider will often handle the repairs free of charge. Read more about this and learn how to save more on green energy.

Going with a solar panel system is a great way to save on energy usage and have peace of mind with little to no maintenance required.

5. Gain Energy Independence and Security

The transition to solar energy is an essential step to achieving energy independence and security. By utilizing the sun’s abundance of energy, people are no longer tied to other countries’ energy sources and the volatile fluctuations in energy prices.

Solar energy also provides more secure energy alternatives, which help protect us from threats to the electrical grid, like power outages, malicious actors, and natural disasters. Additionally, solar energy is free from air, land, and water pollution and does not have to be transported from other countries or regions, which increases our energy independence and security.

Switching to solar energy also helps create jobs and leads to growth in the local economy.

Go Solar Today

Going solar is a smart decision that can save money, benefit the environment and create a more resilient lifestyle. Today is the best time to start taking advantage of the many benefits that solar energy can provide.

Contact a local solar energy provider to learn more and find out how solar energy can benefit you. Go solar today!

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