Home News 3DAround app allows iPhone 6 users to capture 3D photographs

3DAround app allows iPhone 6 users to capture 3D photographs

2014 was a year of ‘all things 3D.’ During this year, 3D technology has not only gained more traction, it has become available to more consumers than ever before. Now that the new year is approaching, folks at a Swiss software company named Dacuda has released an iOS app that allows users to capture their surroundings in 3D.

The 3DAround app works quite simply. You take photos of any object in 360 degree, and it then turns that photo into a 3D image, allowing you to view that image in three dimensions. Developers say that the app was primarily meant for taking pictures of food as a response to the rising popularity of food photography. But its technology allows the app to be used for any other similar sized object.

Developer Alexander Ilic from the developer company has to say this about the app: “The app allows users to share full dining experience via 3D images so lifelike, viewers can almost taste the food.”

When the app is launched, it basically takes photos from various angles of the subject. For this, the user obviously has to move the phone around the object so that it can take multiple images. When done, it combines all of those images into one large 3D image.

Users can then see or share those images with their friends. The app uses iPhone’s accelerometer sensor to recognize user’s tilting of the device and shows the photo on the display accordingly.

3DAround app has just been released into the App Store and is free to download. So if you’re a foodie, you should take a look at this app. If you aren’t, you should try this anyway.