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12 Modern Products You Haven’t Heard Of That Make for Great Gift


New, unique products are being released every year, which is great when it comes to getting birthday and Christmas gifts. If you’re struggling to find something for someone on your list, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some modern products that make for great gifts, including some you may have never heard of:

  • Circular LED chandeliers—These chandeliers are unlike any you’ve seen before. They’re made up of multiple overlapping LED rings that hang by strong cords. Hang them from your living room ceiling to give your home a modern flair.
  • Tabletop fireplaces—Have you always wanted a fireplace but your home doesn’t have one? Then you might consider getting a portable tabletop fireplace. Though it won’t warm your entire house, it will give it some personality. Plus, tabletop fireplaces are smokeless and ventless, which means you don’t have to worry about smoking up the house or making your clothes smell. Just put it on a table, fill it with nu-flame fuel, and light it. 
  • Recreational drones—You may have seen kids flying little remote-control drones before. That’s because recreational drones are becoming increasingly affordable while improving in their capabilities and features. You can use them to take your own aerial photos and videos of your property or explore your neighborhood. You can even program routine routes. Just make sure you don’t fly it over private property or no-fly zones.
  • Lab grown diamond engagement rings—If you’re planning to propose soon, you’ve probably thought about buying a diamond ring. Did you know that you can save a lot of money without sacrificing quality by getting a lab grown diamond engagement ring? These are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds, except that they are made in a controlled lab environment. As a result, they’re also more eco-friendly and more ethically sourced. Find one online to wow your soon-to-be fiancé.
  • RFID wallets—Most people have a wallet to carry their credit and debit cards, IDs, cash, and other items. An RFID wallet protects you against identity theft by blocking electromagnetic signals emitted from your cards. That way, people can’t use them to pay for things against your will. Though the risk of that happening is small, it never hurts to be safe.
  • Wearable fitness trackers—These days, everyone’s trying to get more fit, especially now that many work from home and don’t need to leave the house as much as they used to. To help you meet your fitness goals, why not get a wearable fitness tracker? Most will count your steps, measure your heart rate, keep track of your sleep cycles, and more.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones—Noise-cancelling headphones have been around for a while, but they’ve never been as affordable as they are today. Many go for under $100. They’re great for drowning out noise when you’re trying to work in a busy space, falling asleep while traveling, or simply jamming out to your favorite music. Whatever your situation, noise-cancelling headphones can help you get into the zone.
  • UV sanitizer for electronics—A lot of people touch the screens on their smartphones, tablets, and watches hundreds of times a day, and yet they never clean them. When you think about all the germs that spread through people’s hands, this can be worrisome. A UV sanitizer for electronics can clean the germs on your devices with UV rays within seconds so you don’t have to worry about catching anything.
  • Waterproof speakers—Waterproof speakers let you jam out to music, no matter how wet it is. You can take them in the shower, to the pool, or to the beach and not worry about them getting ruined. They’re a great gadget to have if you don’t like parting with your tunes.
  •  Wireless earbuds—If you like to multitask, wireless earbuds are a must-have. They make it easy to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks while doing other things. For example, you could listen to something while doing the dishes, working out, or going for a walk. With wireless earbuds, you can stay way more productive than you would otherwise.
  •  Smart notebook—Have you ever been unable to find notes you took by pen? When you take lots of notes, this is a common occurrence. But with a smart notebook like the Rocketbook or the reMarkable, you never have to worry about losing important notes again. They let you take digital notes and then upload them to the cloud so you can easily find and search through them. They’re also environmentally friendly because they don’t use paper.
  •  Smart doorlock—Losing your keys is a pain. But with a smart doorlock, you can open and lock your home’s door with the swipe of your phone. It also lets you control your doorlock remotely. That way, if you’re ever out of town and you need to let someone into the house, you can.

Final takeaways

Whether you want to get a gift for someone else or even yourself, these products are excellent choices. Do your research online to make sure you find the best product brand with the best reviews. Compare prices, too. Then enjoy your new gift or surprise someone else with it!